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News & Events

Butch’s Dry Dock hosts a variety of events to celebrate the marriage of food and wine.  Tastings, beer dinners, fashion shows, artist openings, and concerts are all a part of our calendar.  You’ll taste and learn something new every time!

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Mangalitsa Pig Week
January 16th - 21st
Butch’s Culinary Team has paired with 1936 Meadowbrook Farms to bring in a whole Mangalitsa Pig! The whole week Butch’s will feature both Lunch and Dinner features!

Lunch: Potato Letcho Soup with Pork Belly
Dinner: Pork Belly & Scallops

Lunch: Potato Soup with Pork Belly
Dinner: Pork Belly Sliders
Farmer’s Dinner SOLD OUT

Lunch: P.L.T Sandwich
Dinner: Coffee & Mollasses glazed Pork Chops

Lunch: P.L.T. Sandwich
Dinner: Mangalitsa Tomahawk Steak

Lunch: Biscuits & Gravy
Dinner: Pork Ragu & Meatball Pappardelle

Lunch: Biscuits & Gravy | Bloody Mary & Mimosa bar
Dinner: Chef’s Tasting Plate


Holland Young Professionals Wine Tasting
Thursday, February 2

Location & Time :  5-7p.m. in the Butch’s Dry Dock Gallery
Basic information: Wine tasting/mingling event paired with Herman Miller
Pricing: Butch’s will be charging $15 per person at the door before guests will be allowed to enter the gallery. ($15 for reservations made before Feb 2. $20 for walkins or reservations made day of)

Quady North 4-Course Winemaker Dinner
Wednesday, February 8th

Location: Butch’s Dry Dock Gallery
Basic Information: This will be a four-course wine dinner with Winemaker Herb Quady
Pricing: $50 per/person

Valentines Day Celebration
Saturday February 11th & Tuesday 14th | $100 per couple

Basic Information: Butch’s will be preparing a four course dinner menu to celebrate Valentines Day
Pricing: Cost per couple will be $100 and includes four courses, A glass on champagne, and chocolate covered strawberries (à la carte menus will also be available) 

South of the Equator Wine Tasting
Saturday February 18

Location and Time: Butch’s Dry Dock Gallery from 5-8pm
Basic Information: Butch’s annual SOE wine tasting brings in wine from vineyards that specialize in growing grapes and bottling wine all from South of the Equator!
Pricing: $35 per person

Butch’s Culinary Wine Tour Alumni Wine Tasting
Friday, February 24

More information to come.