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Butch’s Dry Dock hosts a variety of events to celebrate the marriage of food and wine.  Tastings, beer dinners, fashion shows, artist openings, and concerts are all a part of our calendar.  You’ll taste and learn something new every time!

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South of the Equator Wine Tasting
Saturday February 18

Location and Time: Butch’s Dry Dock Gallery from 5-8pm
Basic Information: Butch’s annual SOE wine tasting brings in wine from vineyards that specialize in growing grapes and bottling wine all from South of the Equator!
Pricing: $35 per person

Butch’s Culinary Wine Tour Alumni Wine Tasting
Friday, February 24

Private Event.

Open That Bottle Night

Saturday, February 25th
Have a special bottle in your cellar for that special event or celebration? Did you miss that chance to pull the cork and enjoy it with loved ones? Well you can still have that chance at Butch’s Dry Dock! Bring that memorable bottle from your cellar and cherish it over an amazing dining experience. Butch will be waving the corkage fee so you can finally get to experience that wonderful bottle that has been waiting for you!