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Butchs Culinary Wine Tours

With a mix of village visits, cooking classes, winery tours, local markets, and top restaurants, Butch’s Culinary Wine Tours has enabled guests to experience food and drink at their points of origin since 2004. As a host and guide, Butch offers tours that are personalized and intimate.  He loves making friends in the field and sharing those connections with his guests, whether on his tour or in the restaurant.

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Emphasizing the viticulture and culinary traditions of the region, join Butch in exploring: remote villages, century-old vineyards, colorful markets, award-winning restaurants, and the art of preparing local cuisine. Discover the allure of some of the most sought out and charming destinations in Western Europe. Butch’s established relationships will take you into the tasting rooms, homes, and sometimes barns and garages of passionate, local winemakers and chefs.

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Butch traveled to Tuscany and Catalonia in 2015. For previews of what’s in store and the latest tour updates, sign up for our e-newsletter.

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